Established in 2014, PDC was formed from a vision to take a humble living room consultancy, global. PDC was birthed from a dream to revolutionize research while creating much needed youth employment opportunity in Guyana. The company was formed with the idea of providing research assistance, logistics support and job placement services to larger companies and clients. PDC offered recruitment, training, project management, data collection, data management and, data analytic services; all while providing jobs and training for university student by pairing them with industry experts. The aim then, was to target larger foreign research agencies and graduate students to assist them with projects and studies.

Fast forward a few years and Research Gave Us Wings...

PDC is now a full service research consultancy that services clients around the globe with an extended portfolio of service offerings. PDC now offers services in consumer perception, community insight, research earning, research learning and research assistance to multinational research bodies, academic institutions, corporations, non-governmental and public sector institutions across the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean.

Vision: To become a world renowned brand of excellence in every faction of research.

Mission: To ask the right questions, get the right answers and inform our clients to make the right decisions through adaptive and innovative research practices.


Core Values:

Passion: Serving only with enthusiasm.  

Dedication: Resolute commitment to every task we undertake.

Care: Fostering stakeholders needs.

Career Opportunities

Project Development Consultancy is always interested in working with highly skilled academics and professionals from various backgrounds. If you would like to apply for our technical expert team (areas like aviation, marine team, climate change and others please do submit your resume to

If you are interested in working with our support team in field analyst, transcribers, editors and graphic designers please click here to register.


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