Our Services

Consumer Insight

Gain key feedback from key stakeholders.

Hear the collective voice of the consumer. Direct feedback from your target audience will help you make the most beneficial business and/or policy decisions. Some our methods includes: Online panels, In-field surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews. Learn what are the drivers of demand in your industry through Consumer behaviour analytics, Product testing, Media usuage & Advertising Research.

Community Insight

Find out all you need to know about the social, economic, political, legal and business environment.

Find out all you need to know about the social, economic, environmental, political, legal and business environment. Data is the new oil in the digital revolution, and information is key. The only way to reach success is through informed decision making. Gain as much insight as possible, through effective and innovative research methods. Some methods to achieve this are: Policy Research, Social Research, Brand & Industry Analyses.

Research Earning

Make informed business decisions to increase revenue and boost sales.

Research THEN invest. Achieve the highest returns by making the most informed investments.

Make profitable investments by first gaining informational insight into markets, sectors and segments through: Feasibility studies and Market projections.

Research Learning

All you need to know to Reign through Research. Research and proposal writing training.

We teach you how to be on top of your game and industry through our comprehensive concise courses. Our Introductory and intermediate research courses equips you with the knowledge that turns data into insight. You can also learn how to attract funding and increase revenues through our persuasive proposal writing course.

Research Assistance

Better together. For assistance with isolated aspects of the research process.

Here to assist you with all your individual research needs. We assist with: data collection, recruitment, data management, instrument development, data analysis/reporting, transcriptions,project management and general research consultations.If you are pursuing academic studies and indeed of assistance, feel free to contact our team to find out more about our student rates

Our Portfolio

Project Development Consultancy has gained experience across industries and multiple sectors. We collect data on Land (Agriculture, Environment & Infrastructure), Air (Aviation), Ocean (Shipping and transport logistics) and the Social & Health Sectors. Throughout our projects we’ve witnessed data’s ability to transform and set the foundation for effective decision making.

To learn more about our company portfolio and view some of our project cases please click here.